Dog risks life to protect wounded bitch in a train line

Would all people be able to do the same?

It’s more proof of animal loyalty. A little dog named Lucy got hurt, getting immobilized on a train line (in Ukraine), but the bigeye wandering with her never left her.

Even when he saw a convoy approaching where they were, Panda lay motionless beside his companion in an act of great courage.

In addition to keeping Lucy warm, the puppy protected her from possible predators by catching the attention of Denis Malafeyev (who made a point of filming the act of companionship).

“It’s a touching story. I received a call from a friend to tell me that there were two dogs two days ago on the train line near the village of Tseglovka. When we arrived, we saw that one of the dogs, the female, was hurt and could not move. But the dog was protecting her from us, “he said.

By the time the train was about to arrive, Panda approached the female, got down, and simply hoped the worst would not happen.

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