German Shepherd: How to Handle Separation Anxiety

Leaving the house and leaving our dog alone is never easy. Learn how to help you get around this separation anxiety.

All dogs feel it, but German shepherds suffer in a different way. Separation anxiety can be quite painful for these animals, especially as they are extremely loyal and attached to the owners. In addition, because they are very intelligent and active, they feel bored and stressed when they are long alone and away from the family.

Therefore, it is best to be very attentive to the signs shown by your faithful companion. As the time comes for the owner to leave the house, there are many animals that do not hide nervousness. Depending on the degree of anxiety of each dog, it is possible to notice several symptoms: tremors, howls, excessive barking, destructive behavior, attempted escape, carelessness in regard to urine, etc.

There is, however, a fundamental aspect: do not punish your German shepherd through these symptoms. Bigeye will not understand this attitude, helping to raise their levels of anxiety even more.

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